App Enables Stock Plan Participants to Conduct Transactions

May 8, 2012 ( - The Fidelity Investments App was updated to enable stock plan participants to better access and track their portfolios and conduct transactions from their iPhone, iPod touch or Android smart phone.

By Tara Cantore | May 08, 2012
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With the updates, participants with stock option plans can now exercise and sell their options by following simple prompts within the app. Investors can determine the total value of all of their options, the price of their exercisable options, the estimated value of their options and the aggregated tax rate that will apply if the options are sold.

Previously, participants could view their stock plan account balances from their iPhone, iPod touch or Android smart phone, but could not conduct transactions.

“Fidelity is pleased to provide today’s busy investors the smart mobile tools they need to stay connected to their portfolios no matter where they are,” said Joan Bloom, senior vice president of Fidelity’s Stock Plan Services business. “Now our participants not only can check their account balances but also conduct transactions on the move. As a firm, we will continue to advance our technology as we see new opportunities.”

Under the new enhancements, participants in all of Fidelity’s stock plan categories—restricted stock, stock appreciation, performance and employee stock purchase and stock options—can now access more detailed information about their accounts via mobile devices.