Employees Get Creative with “Sick Day” Excuses

October 16, 2012 ( – In the past year, 30% of workers have called in sick when not actually ill, and many have given employers creative excuses, a CareerBuilder study discovered.

By Kristen Heinzinger | October 16, 2012
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Next to actually being sick, the most common reasons employees call in sick are because they just do not feel like going to work (34%) or because they felt like they needed to relax (29%). Others take the day off so they can make it to a doctor’s appointment (22%), catch up on sleep (16%) or run errands (15%).

Some of the more creative explanations for employee absences reported by employers are:

  • Sobriety tool wouldn’t allow the car to start;
  • Forgot he had been hired for the job;
  • Dog was having a nervous breakdown;
  • Dead grandmother was being exhumed for a police investigation;
  • Toe was stuck in a faucet;
  • Bitten by a bird;
  • Upset after watching “The Hunger Games”;
  • Got sick from reading too much;
  • Suffering from a broken heart; and
  • Hair turned orange from dying it at home.