ExpertPlan, One Capital in Product Partnership

October 12, 2012 ( – ExpertPlan Inc. will provide recordkeeping and administrative services for One Capital Management LLC’s Strategic Retirement Solutions Model Program.

By PLANSPONSOR staff | October 12, 2012
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One Capital offers managed portfolios of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as well as Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) 3(38) services.

One Capital establishes and maintains strategic asset solutions models, which are offered as investment alternatives to plan participants. When a participant selects a model, OCM invests the participant’s account assets in a mix of ETFs in accordance with the selected model.

The product is a non-commissionable, full-service retirement plan that offers investment options for retirement plan sponsors seeking balanced asset-allocation models. OCM-supported portfolios are low cost and offer investment opportunities without the higher costs of traditional mutual funds or funds-of-funds.

The average mutual fund in a 401(k) plan has an investment expense of 1.24%. One Capital’s Strategic Retirement Solution (ETF Only) portfolios have an investment expense of 0.34%. Strategic Retirement Solution (ETF Only) is a means to diversify a portfolio across multiple geographic regions, asset classes, and sectors to enhance investment returns and reduce risk. OCM actively manages global equity and fixed-income ETFs to construct multi-asset class retirement portfolios.