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First Eagle launches mew mutual fund share classes; Natixis rolls out ESG TDFs; Vanguard reports third wave of expense ratio reductions; and more.

By Javier Simon | March 02, 2017
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USAA Launches New R6 Share Class Funds

USAA is launching the NASDAQ-100 Index Fund, which Morningstar calls the first of its kind. Also adding to the organization’s R6 share class offerings is the USAA Ultra Short-Term Bond Fund. USAA says these moves represent its strategic response to an industry shift to passive equity flows.

With its R6 share class products, USAA is aiming to offer plan sponsors a low-cost option with greater fee transparency to equip its members and the military community with financial security.

In December, USAA began rolling out its first R6 share class products across six of its mutual funds: USAA Income Fund (URIFX), USAA High Income Fund, USAA Income Stock Fund, USAA Short-Term Bond Fund, USAA Intermediate-Term Bond Fund, and USAA Government Securities Fund.

USAA serves current and former members of the U.S. military and their families, representing more than 60 million Americans.

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