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By Javier Simon | September 29, 2016
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Conning Launches New Suite of Risk Management Software

Conning, a global investment management firm and financial-risk modeling software company, has released Version 6.6 of its suite of risk management software products. The offering includes the ADVISE Enterprise Risk Modeler, FIRM Portfolio Analyzer, and GEMS Economic Scenario Generator (ESG).

Version 6.6 includes a new model of sovereign contagion risk, meaning that the propagation of crises between different bond issuers is realistically reflected in the ESG, the firm explains. The new version also expands on Conning’s “User Views” functionality with additional models and capabilities being added to the Real-World Recalibration Tool. The new suite also sees the introduction of calibration for corporate credit spreads by rating class, municipal bond spreads and sovereign yields with credit risk, as well as functionality for directly setting the correlation between some key variables. Clients will continue to have the capability to calibrate to tenor-specific targets and a wide choice of levels, moments, and statistics across multiple time horizons.

“The need for risk managers to confidently and reliably calibrate our software’s increasingly sophisticated economic models has been broadening and shows no sign of easing up,” says Dr. Hal Pedersen, a director of Risk Solutions for Conning. “With insurers coping with risks that we have not seen before, the release of Version 6.6 addresses a critical area of risk management modeling.”

All of the new features in Version 6.6 are accessible in an automated setting via the Conning command-line interface.

“We always view modelling, and calibration in particular, through the prism of automation, and look to advance on these fronts simultaneously,” says Dan MacKenzie, managing director of Software Product Management for Conning. “Risk management modeling continues to grow in both in scope and frequency, making it increasingly important to have applications that can be updated and processed reliably and efficiently.”

For more information about Conning’s suite of risk management software products, visit its website here.

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