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Maybe it was that report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), perhaps the recent Congressional hearings­ or reports about the new 5500; of course, it might have been the Department of Labor's recent request for information,­ perchance the recent series of revenue-sharing lawsuits—or more than one of the above?

Whatever the foundation, even plan sponsors that normally are sensitive to their responsibilities regarding plan fees have had plenty of reason to become even more acutely aware of those issues.
More importantly, the widespread news coverage of these factors has doubtless served to heighten participant ­awareness—and, at least in some cases, concerns—about the impact of fees on their retirement plan balances.
This month's KnowHow is designed to help participants get a better handle on the costs, as well as the benefits,
of their retirement plan accounts. You can help by: 

  • Identifying the class(es) of fund shares available in your plan
  • Making fund prospectuses available (or telling participants how to obtain them)
  • Highlighting the expense categories on their retirement plan statements (if any).

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