Tidbits | Published in April 2012

Tidbits - April 2012

Some quotes, survey statistics and musings to use in employee communications, or just as a break in the grind.

By PLANSPONSOR staff | April 2012

Slightly more than 50% of Americans expect to get a refund on either their state or federal tax return this year, and, among them, 63% plan to save or invest at least part of the money they receive, according to a study conducted by TD Ameritrade.

79% of employees feel aggrieved in the workplace. According to a survey conducted by Yahoo! Shine and Fitness Magazine, workers are annoyed with both the personal behavior and the work habits of their colleagues. The top turnoff for men, at 41%, is coworkers’ body odor. Nearly as many women—38%­—think their colleagues could do better in the hygiene department.

"A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life." —Suze Orman

A survey shows 57% of workers aged 60-plus plan to look for a new job after retiring from their current company. CareerBuilder also asked those workers how soon they think they can retire from their present job; one in 10 (11%) respondents doubts he will ever be able to retire.