Cover | Published in March 2014

2014 Plan Sponsors of the Year

Each year, the editors of PLANSPONSOR magazine choose a number of plan sponsors that demonstrate leadership in providing a more secure retirement for workers.

By PLANSPONSOR staff | March 2014

To be considered, a plan sponsor must first be nominated for the award. Nominations are accepted from across the industry, after which the sponsor is asked to complete an online form providing details about its plan’s administration, participant statistics and data, such as participation rates. A committee of PLANSPONSOR editors reviews the submissions and selects those that rise to the top.

Considering the breadth and depth of retirement programs available today, we have divided the awards into five categories. This allows us to acknowledge the differences in resources and approaches between the public and private sectors, as well as for-profit and nonprofit institutions.

Selecting finalists, while not a science, requires the judges to consider factors including richness of program offerings, commitment to the plan, leadership and innovation. That type of dedication manifests itself differently every year and in every sector of the marketplace, but all finalists show a commitment to their participants’ financial health and retirement success.

The pool of those entries is full of remarkable stories, and unfortunately the selection of finalists and winners means we could not acknowledge the efforts of many wonderful plans and plan sponsors.

The winners of the 2014 PLANSPONSOR Plan Sponsor of the Year Awards make decisions with an eye toward trends developing in the current market environment, they apply the evolving best practices in the industry and achieve outcomes for others to emulate.

Our heartiest congratulations to the programs profiled on the pages that follow and to the plan sponsors that make those programs possible. We are honored to be part of sharing your insights and experiences.

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