Cover | Published in May 2017

2017 Plan Sponsors of the Year

Honoring the winners of the nine categories of plans: six segments of corporate 401(k); 403(b); public DC; and TRO.

By PLANSPONSOR staff | May 2017
In our last issue, we introduced the finalists for the 2017 Plan Sponsor of the Year Awards. As we explained, these finalists—across nine categories: six segments of corporate 401(k); 403(b); public defined contribution (DC); and total retirement outsourcing (TRO)—were recognized for their dedication to achieving retirement security for their plan participants, and their thoughtful approaches to getting them there.
The finalists are all outstanding, but we did have to select winners—our 2017 Plan Sponsors of the Year—whom we honored at the PLANSPONSOR/PLANADVISER Awards for Excellence dinner in March.
In many categories this year, it was difficult to select just one from the group, however, there was often something the winning plan sponsor did that the judges found unique or novel in approach, which nudged it ahead of its peers. The profiles supply details about what those approaches might have been, as well as how the sponsors improved retirement security for their plan participants, overall. We are pleased to provide you with expanded profiles of these nine plan sponsors, over the pages that follow.
We congratulate the winners of this year’s awards. They provide a range of examples of how all plan sizes and types can achieve success—even though standards or metrics of success may vary.
And, as a reminder: Nominations for the awards are made in the fall, so please keep an eye out for pertinent communications in September and October. Maybe next year, your plan will join the ranks of these highly esteemed winners!