March 1996 Issue

March 1996

  1. Editorial
  2. Editorial Comment: Non-Starter

    Editorial Comment: Non-Starter
  1. Feature
  2. Better Pay, Tougher Job: Plan Sponsor 1996 Compensation Survey

    Pension and endowment executives were better paid in 1995 than the year before. But their job has become more complex and difficult, as cost-cutting becomes a higher priority for employers.
  1. Running the Fund
  2. Plan Sponosor March 1996: TWA faces pension fund concerns

    TWA Pilots DAP/40 1(k) Plan Trust
  1. Portrait of Retiree
  2. Portrait of a Retiree: Russell Parkinson

    Balloonist and retired military historian
  1. Table of Contents
  2. Connecticut's Online Portfolio

    The state will post information about its pension portfolio on the World Wide Web.
  1. Prudent Investors, or Extortionists?

    When OMERS and Ontario Ontario Hydro blocked a big media buyout, they provoked a tongue-lashing about public pension plans' growing power.
  1. Secular Shift?

    Last year's rally in large-cap stocks is drawing more cash to index funds.
  1. A Battle of the Injured

    GIC holders are pitted against annuitants in the latest battle over what is left of failed Canadian insurer Confederation Life.
  1. What's in a Name?

    Employers and employees alike are questioning large mutual fund complexes' investment management fees. And while the big funds still enjoy a host of advantages, low-cost rivals are now appearing to challenge them.
  1. Wandering the Web

    A world wide web site is the latest fashion for defined contribution plan providers. For sponsors and participants, these sites promise everything from price updates to educational materials to- soon- online account transfers.
  1. Available on all Channels

    Vanguard and Fidelity started out with electronic sites on commercial services like AOL. But after expanding onto the Web, they still find that many participants prefer the commercial sites.
  1. Global Portfolios: Funds Consider for Cost Containment, Higher Returns

    Global Portfolios: Funds Consider for Cost Containment, Higher Returns
  1. Four Quadrant Investing

    Why an allocation strategy for real estate has not caught on
  1. Focusing on Execution Costs

    Plans demand more detailed analyses of brokers' fees
  1. The Pendulum Swings Back

    Plans use fewer managers, demand more service, lower fees
  1. In-Sourcing

    Optical scanners help LA City fund to keep the recordkeeping function in-house
  1. Goodbye to the Exclusive Deal

    Bundled providers add other fund families to their mix
  1. Employee to Consultant

    Why the IRS is cracking down on employee reclassification
  1. Port-a-Pension

    Dow Chemical joins the move to accruing pension benefits more evenly
  1. Securities Lending: Who Did What to Whom?

    Who did what to whom?