April 1996 Issue

April 1996

  1. Editorial
  2. Editorial Comment: The Meaning of Downsizing

  1. (k)Plans
  2. Custom Fit

    One standardized educational approach does not entice all employees to participate in defined contribution plans. Here is how plan sponsors approach five groups of employees with special needs.
  1. Measuring Mutual Fund Risk

    Simple ways to teach a complex concept
  1. Running the Fund
  2. Profile: John Gallahue, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

    Profile: John Gallahue, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
  1. Eating the Difference

    New proposals attempt to create "investor-friendly" markets
  1. Rules/Regs
  2. Out-of-Pocket

    The budget-balancing debate hits the federal employees' retirement plans
  1. When Investment Education is not Investment Advice

    A closer look at the Labor Department's interpretive bulletin
  1. Full Trust Protection for 457 Plans

    Nancy Johnson wants to establish trust status for 457 plans. After a delay, the White House now agrees.
  1. New Rules on 401(k) Contribution& Employer Matches

    IRS issues new rules on 401(k) make-good contributions and timing of employer matches
  1. Why Congress should preserve SEPs

    Why Congress should preserve SEPs
  1. Voice
  2. Policy Attribution

    Combining manager selection and asset allocation analysis
  1. Portrait of Retiree
  2. Portrait of a Retiree: John Foran

    Retired survey engineer
  1. Table of Contents
  2. Lifting the Equity Bans

    This year, three big state employee retirement plans hope to end century-old bans on equity investing. One has legislative approval, and two are pending.
  1. Negative Trend

    State governments are bringing health insurance costs down-but not for retirees and their spouses.
  1. Moving Away From Company Stock

    Three studies show participants increasingly put new assets into other equity options
  1. Gender Gap

    Women are still more likely than men to retire without an adequate benefits package. The culprits: Lower wages, shorter employment periods, and exclusion from many jobs covered by pension plans.
  1. GICs' Metamorphosis

    Once-stodgy guaranteed investment contracts now come in new forms-and with more risk. But while they may be better investments for a retirement portfolio, they take a lot more decisionmaking.
  1. Mismatched Pension Assets and Liabilities

    Pension Liabilities Outstrip Assets
  1. REITs' Rise

    Why some pension plans are piling into a small but growing market
  1. Breach of Duty

    Unisys case raises questions about how much protection 404(c) really offers
  1. Economies of Scale

    Small companies join forces to buy better quality, lower price DC services
  1. The "Goal-Oriented" Revolution in Recordkeeping

    Why price is not everything