April 2000

Running the Fund

Hybrid How-To

Does your new cash balance approach call for a more aggressive investment strategy?


Miles To Go?

Legislation aimed at streamlining cumbersome pension rules faces strong opposition from participant representatives

Social Call

TIAA-CREF needs to walk its talk, participants argue

Longevity's Curse

Unless things change, today's workers won't be able to sustain their living standards


John Shappell, 56, Wants a 401(k) Plan

John Shappell says he is counting on some help from the $2.6 million profit-sharing plan sponsored by his employer, Potteiger-Raintree of Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

Table of Contents

Truth Or Consequences

There is so much noise in this industry that the plain unvarnished truth is both difficult to discern and, when discerned, is rarely spoken

Mark Young, 47, Is Saving Like Crazy

"Not everybody jumps at the chance to take home less money," says Mark Young, by way of explaining why he did not join his employer's 403(b) plan until three years ago.

Bruce Hamlin

47 would like his 401(k) to join the tech revolution

Moving On

How to help caregivers preserve their own health