SURVEY SAYS: Cursing at Work

August 13, 2012 ( - Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, do you think using curse words at work is acceptable?

By PS | August 13, 2012
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While 56% of responding readers said cursing at work is not at all acceptable, only three in ten reported they do not curse at work. Thirty percent of readers said it doesn’t hurt to let one slip on occasion, and 52% indicated one might slip on occasion.   

Eighteen percent of respondents admitted they do curse at work, while 11% said it is ok to curse, but only around peers and those with a less senior title, and 3% said it is fine to curse around anyone.  

Bosses are setting a pretty good example. When asked if their immediate bosses cursed at work, 7% of responding NewsDash readers chose “yes, often,” and 46% each chose “no” and “on occasion.”  

The majority of verbatim comments were against using curse words at work, saying it shows a limited vocabulary, and lack of respect, intelligence and professionalism. Some readers noted that it is never ok to curse at someone, even if it is acceptable to curse in conversation.  

I appreciated the sarcastic humor of readers who used expletive symbols in their responses saying cursing was not acceptable; however, those comments have been edited for the consideration of our more sensitive readers. Other than those, Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “My answers are directly tied to the 408(b)(2) and 404(a)(5) fee disclosure projects! About time to find a new career path I think.”