PPACA a Launching Point for Important Employee Discussions

July 16, 2012 ( - A principal at Mercer is calling on employers to use the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) as a launching point for health care discussions.  

By Jay Polansky | July 16, 2012
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“[C]onsider how you can use healthcare reform as an opportunity to have a productive dialogue with business leaders about the impact of healthcare costs and PPACA on your business, and about the related wellness and consumer initiatives that could have a positive impact,” said Jackie Cuthbert during a webcast.

Cuthbert said some of her clients have created senior leadership workbooks that highlight solutions to key issues and discussion starters. Sample headlines in webcast slides from Mercer include “U.S. Health Care delivery is at the heart of our cost challenges”, “Health Care Reform Looms Large” and “What do we need from our leaders.”

One article includes a “Let’s Talk” sidebar that offers questions for business leaders such as “How do you see yourself acting as a role model? As a communicator? As a coach?”

Whatever role a leader takes on, the conversations they start on healthcare can have a great impact on employees.

“The discussions often cascade through the manager ranks and all the way to employees building a culture who is engaged in better health,” Cuthbert said. “We believe that more of these conversations will and should happen as we move forward with healthcare reform.”