Part-Timers Gain Access to Workplace Health Coverage

By John Manganaro | December 08, 2016
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Other results from the survey show the vast majority (84%) of employers agree that health care benefits are important for attracting and retaining employees. About the same number (88%) of employees believe health care benefits are important to their overall job satisfaction.

While nearly one in five companies plan on changing their plan options in the next one to two years, one-third do not expect to make any changes. Altering plan options (31%) and implementing a wellness program (16%) are the two most commonly reported changes across all company sizes.

Looking ahead, researchers expect wellness program offerings will continue to rise among employers, as 28% of employers have implemented wellness programs for their employees in just the past 12 months.

“However, the survey found an ongoing disconnect between employers and employees in terms of employees' knowledge of benefits and the perception of leadership commitment to wellness,” the research warns. “More than half of employers offer wellness programs, but only 46% of employees say they work for an employer that offers wellness options. Consistent with the 2015 TCHS survey, more than 80% of employers feel their leadership is committed to improving the health of their employees, but only one-third of employees feel the same way.”

Additional findings and information are available from the Transamerica Center for Health Studies