Potential "Mom" Salary Keeps Growing

May 6, 2014 ( – Moms are priceless, but has put a number on what they do.

By Sara Kelly | May 06, 2014
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Being a Mom is more than a full-time commitment, according to the 14th annual Mom Salary survey from The survey asked mothers to report how they divide their time each week. By applying the hours per week—broken down by stay-at-home and employed mothers—to the median annual income of those positions, was able to estimate what these women would earn if paid for their efforts.

Stay-at-home moms spent 96.5 hours parenting each week this year, up from 94 hours last year. If compensated for a 40 hour work week plus 56.5 hours of overtime, these women would take home $118,905 in 2014, a more than $5,000 increase from 2013.

In addition to their day jobs, employed mothers spent 59.4 hours each week on household work and child care this year, up from 58 hours in 2013. For their work, these mothers would earn $70,107 each year, a raise of nearly $3,000 from last year.