SURVEY SAYS: Asking for a Raise

Even if I felt I deserved it, I have never felt comfortable asking an employer to give me a salary raise.

By Rebecca Moore | July 17, 2017
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Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Have you ever asked an employer for a raise, and if so, how did it turn out?”

The majority of responding readers (59%) have asked an employer for a raise, while 41% have not. Of those who asked for a raise, 71.4% said it turned out positively, and 28.6% said it turned out negatively.

In verbatim comments, some readers expressed that you have to do your homework and bring along proof of what others in your position are paid as well as proof of your accomplishments to confidently argue your case for a raise. For some readers, they got what they asked for and more, for others, even if they got a raise, it was not up to what they expected. Among those denied a raise, a couple went on to find new jobs. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “People who really deserve raises should not have to ask for them. Their performance should speak for itself. If budgetary or political reasons are holding back deserved raises, then people need to decide if they are willing to try to move on to other opportunities in order to earn what they feel they deserve.”

Thanks to all who participated in the survey!