SURVEY SAYS: Most-Anticipated Daily Activity

Every day I look forward to the evenings when I can spend time reading or watching a good show.

By Rebecca Moore | February 27, 2017
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Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Which activity in your daily routine do you look forward to the most?”

Less than 2% selected ‘eating supper;’ 2.9% said the commute from work; 4.3% chose ‘time in the morning to read, watch the news and/or drink coffee;’ and 5.8% said play with and/or walking my pet. Slightly more than 7% selected ‘spending time with my children;’ 8.7% said going to sleep; and 11.6% chose ‘reading.’

‘Exercising’ was selected by 15.9% of responding readers, and ‘watching TV’ was selected by 13%.

More readers chose ‘other’ than anything on the list (29%). Most of those responses were a combination of or variation of things on the list.

“Other’ responses included:

  • Reading bedtime stories to my sweet granddaughter. Time with her is the highlight of each day!
  • Unwinding at the end of the day by making dinner and drinks with my spouse, then catching up on one of our favorite TV shows
  • I look forward to 9:00PM, for that when I make my Black Russian and sit and watch a show on TV.
  • Listening to audiobooks on the commute to/from work
  • Gym on Tuesdays, bowling league on Wednesdays
  • Crocheting while watching something interesting on the Roku service.
  • The kids are grown and I don't have a pet so those options are out. I try to reserve an hour for myself in the evenings. I usually spend it on my iPad -- often reading on the Kindle app, but sometimes playing games or checking Facebook (time to catch up on kids and grandkids).
  • Nothing
  • A bit of time for a game (bejeweled) on Facebook and reading posts and news
  • Spending the evening with my husband.
  • Cooking dinner
  • All of the above are surely better than the alternative, eh.
  • Besides reading NewsDash, phone call from my son on his evening commute.
  • Heading up to bed to read my Kindle before going to sleep.
  • Climbing into a warm cozy bed.
  • The commute home from work on the train. Me time without the driving stress.
  • Spending time with my spouse
  • I enjoy any time at home, whether it is lounging (read, TV, puzzles) or doing projects (cleaning, organizing).
  • My after-work cocktail on the deck
  • Practicing Piano

In verbatim comments, the majority of readers stressed how important it is to destress and unwind. Many described how their most-anticipated daily activity makes them feel. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who reminded me of the part of the day I most anticipated when my children weren’t grown: “Specifically, the moment I pick my kids up each day. They're (usually) so happy to see me and so excited to tell me about their day. All of my worries are temporarily suspended.” 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey!