SURVEY SAYS: Memorable Vacations

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, what types of places do you like to go on vacation, and what was your favorite/most memorable vacation, and why?

By PS | July 02, 2012
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Topping the list of places respondents like to goes was “a beach” (58.9%), followed by “the Caribbean” (28.6%), “the mountains” and “national parks, memorials or monuments” (26.8% each), and “another country” (23.2%).  

Thirty-two percent of responding readers chose “other,” in part because the survey question said “historical” parks, memorials or monuments instead of “national,” but staying home, visiting zoos and museums, a mix of places and anywhere they can relax were other readers’ choices.  

Fourteen percent chose “quirky, little-known attractions,” 13% selected “amusement parks,” 7% like to visit a “family member’s home,” and 3.6% chose the “Midwest.”  

Among the favorite/most memorable vacations, were Hawaii, Key West, camping trips, places in Europe, and Yellowstone National Park. My favorite response was, “Went to Vegas once – I don’t remember the rest.”