SURVEY SAYS: Regifting

January 7, 2013 ( - In a newsletter I receive, the author contends that regifting (presenting a gift to someone that is something you received from someone else) can be an ethical thing to do.

By Rebecca Moore | January 07, 2013
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Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, have you ever regifted something you received? Have you ever been “caught” regifting?  

Eighty-one percent of responding readers admitted they have regifted, while 19% said they have not. Sixteen percent have been caught regifting, and 84% have not.  

In the verbatim responses, readers discussed the “rules” of properly regifting, and shared tales of how they got caught, as well as instances they realized someone had regifted to them. Editor’s Choice goes to the respondent who said: “This year for Christmas, I received a gift certificate from my Uncle that I gave to my mother for her birthday. Another way to look at it is...this year for Christmas, I received from my Uncle my Mother's next birthday present. ;-)”