SURVEY SAYS: SCOTUS Health Reform Law Decision

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers what decision they were hoping for from the Supreme Court about the health care reform law.

By PS | July 09, 2012
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The majority was not satisfied with the decision the high court made, as 44% indicated they would have liked a decision that would have overturned the entire law, and 20% said they were hoping the individual mandate would be found unconstitutional, overturning some provisions, but not others. One-third of responding readers said the decision they hoped for was that the individual mandate be found constitutional, upholding the entire law. Three percent had no opinion.  

Verbatim responses were mixed between those in support of the law, and the Supreme Court’s decision, and those who were totally against it. Some respondents indicated a difference between their personal choice and their choice as a representative of their company, and many readers commented about the decision-making process of the court.  

As always, verbatim responses reflect the opinions of individual readers and not the stance of Asset International or its affiliates.