SURVEY SAYS: What is the most funny/unusual request you’ve received?

Last week, I asked readers, what is the most unusual/funny question or request you’ve received from a retirement plan participant or client?

By PS | April 16, 2012
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My favorite response was: When completing a questionnaire for the 5500, the client answered the question regarding the type of entity for the client's organization as "non-prophet." I'm assuming it was a secular plan.  

Here are the other responses:  

Plan participant called and could not be called back needed to talk with someone in person right away, I took the call he was calling from jail and needed an immediate hardship distribution to pay his bail... needless to say I had to inform him that bail was not one of the recognized hardship conditions!  

It's a tossup: 1) Can I stop receiving my pension forever so my ex-wife doesn't get any of it? 2) Why do I have to get spousal consent? We were common-law married and I quit him. 3) Can you send my daughter the pension check minus beer and cigarette money that you send me directly?  

I had a participant fax in a beneficiary form to me three times with frustration mounting as to why I was only getting a blank sheet of paper when they were sending the completed form. It wasn't until the third conversation when the participant told me that to keep it confidential they had folded and stapled the form shut before faxing and if I would just "open it up, I would have exactly what I needed." Needless to say, we had to have him fax it one more time!