Southern College Towns Ideal Retirement Location

April 16, 2012 ( – An analysis of trends and preferences indicates that tens of millions of Baby Boomers should look to Southern college towns for the ideal retirement location.  

By Tara Cantore | April 16, 2012
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Southern college towns provide the best combination of climate, cost of living, healthcare and other priorities, according to a report from The Washington Economics Group (WEG). The report, titled “Best Choice for Retiring Boomers: Head South—An Analysis of Selected U.S. Cities,” builds on the recent survey conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research.

The survey also found that in the comparison of 20 prospective ideal Boomer retirement communities, Tallahassee, Florida, ranked first in the country.

The survey found that one-third of Baby Boomers would consider moving to another state to find the desirable conditions they most value. Chief among those are a midsize town with a pleasant, warm climate and a mild hint of winter, a low cost of living and favorable tax rate, and a top-quality health care system, among other key priorities.