Work Day or Hotel Stay?

January 29, 2013 ( – The results of a new CareerBuilder survey suggest workers want their time at the office to be more like a hotel stay.

By PLANSPONSOR staff | January 29, 2013
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Asked about how to improve employee retention, 26% of workers said special perks would be a strong incentive to remain with a company. Asked to identify one perk that would make their workplace more satisfying, the most common reply was “half-day Fridays,” given by 40% of respondents.

Among the top 10 most-desired special perks are:

  • An on-site fitness center—20%;
  • Daily catered lunches—17%;
  • Massages—16%;
  • Private restroom—7%; and
  • On-site daycare—6%.


Other notable suggestions were the “ability to wear jeans” (18%), having a “nap room” and “rides to and from work,” both cited by 12%, and a “snack cart that comes around the office” (8%).

Thirty-nine percent of hiring managers polled said they are concerned about losing top talent in 2013. While 66% of workers polled said they are satisfied with their jobs, one-quarter said they will change jobs this year or next.