Congratulations Charlie


March 27, 2013

Congratulations, Charlie, for being recognized with The Vision Award, from just a few of your many friends 
in the retirement industry.

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  • Andy TannenApril 08, 2013
    SVP, MSLGroup
    Charlie: We met a decade ago when I had State Street as a client (the Greg Ahern days). I wanted to congratulate you on receiving the Vision Award. It is obviously so well deserved. Best, Andy Tannen
  • William L TwittyApril 05, 2013
    Teacher Health Care, Columbus City School
    Congratulations, Charlie!!!
  • Doug ManoniApril 04, 2013
    CEO , SourceMedia
    Charlie, I'm so pleased to hear that you were honored with The Vision Award - well done, my friend. With many wishes for your continued success, Doug
  • Robert BirnbaumApril 03, 2013
    President, Peartree Trading, LLC
    Dear Charlie, This honor is so well-deserved. You have influenced many and have always been a pleasure to work with and to know. Best wishes, Robert
  • Fielding MillerMarch 29, 2013
    Charlie, Congrats on getting an award from your former employer! You make us all better, my friend, and in the end millions of Americans will benefit from your early vision. Get some rest! FM
  • Heidi WalshMarch 27, 2013
    Executive Director, JP Morgan
    A well-deserved congratulation to you for The Vision Award and a perfect recognition for all that you have done for our industry! You have always had vision coupled with a willingness to listen, support or debate ways to improve financial security for Americans. Thank you for all that you do and congratulations!
  • Mark DavisMarch 26, 2013
    Senior Vice President, CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
    Well done my friend! But you better keep moving...Peter is gaining on you!
  • Scott BrooksMarch 26, 2013
    US Head of Defined Contribution, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management
    Charlie, Outstanding! I absolutely concur with Nick's words below, albeit not with quite as many adventures under my belt! Since we first met at my group's first DCIO due diligence meeting in 1997 at OppenheimerFunds, it was clear that you would be a primary force for change in our business. Your consummate passion and persistence in leading and educating the plan sponsor community to improve results for their participants serves as the benchmark to future recipients of this honor. We'll have to celebrate with a Fresca up at Cherry Street! Cheers!
  • Jim DunnMarch 26, 2013
    Chief Investment Officer, Wake Forest University
    Charlie, My sincere congratulations to you on being recognized with the Vision Award. Your many years of leadership with a pioneering vision about pension management, retirement and plan sponsor accountability have advanced investing in ways that were unimaginable two decades ago. Please know that I admire your accomplishments and send you my best wishes to you and your family on this special occasion.
  • Eddie GriffinMarch 25, 2013
    Regional Sales Manager | Northeast, ASPire Financial Services
    Charlie, Congratulations! Your work has helped make this industry full of well informed and skilled professionals. You do it with style and humor. All the best, Eddie Griffin
  • Michael SigmundMarch 24, 2013
    Managing Director, Xerox HR Solutions
    Charlie, Congratulations on this high honor! It's really true - you are a man of great vision and have been such a terrific leader in our industry for a long time. I simply can not think of a single person who represents the "heart and soul" of our business more than you. Please enjoy your moment in the sun - Very well-deserved.(I will save the wise cracks for later). Your Friend, Michael Sigmund
  • Nick PlattMarch 23, 2013
    Partner, Kudu Advisors, LLC
    Where do I begin? Great friend, mentor, we have been on more adventures together than I can count. Who can ever forget Cookie, the early unmentionable Christmas parties, or the singular joy that is a licensing exam? May these adventures continue, but may they be greener, and I don't mean that in the ecological sense (but that, too). Congratulations, comrade. You've handed out many an award; It's high time you received one. Everyone knows you're a bit of a genius. This just sort of formalizes it. Also: if anyone asks, it's an antelope, not a goat.
  • Karen CasillasMarch 22, 2013
    VP, Financial Advisor, CAPTRUST
    Mr. Ruffel, Thank you for raising such an intelligent, value-oriented, hard-working, creative, diligent, and well-rounded son. It's an honor to work with Peter who adds value to my professional life every working day! And, my sincere appreciation for all you have done for our industry to share best practices, clarify the complicated, and improve workers retirement readiness.
  • Barbara NovickMarch 22, 2013
    Vice Chairman, BlackRock
    Charlie, Congratulations on a well-deserved recognition! You were an early believer in BlackRock and our vision. Thank you for your support. Your publication was an outstanding example of in-depth reporting on interesting topics. As a regular reader who learned a lot, thank you for that as well. Warm regards, Barbara
  • Paula VasanMarch 21, 2013
    Senior Digital Edior, Investment Advisor Group
    Charlie, I'm so happy that you've been celebrated with this award, and I feel lucky to have known you during the years. I have always considered you a class act.
  • SooJin BuzelliMarch 21, 2013
    Creative Director, Asset International
    Congratulations on your well-deserved award. Thank you for taking a chance on a kid right out of school. I grew up in this company and learned the most from you.
  • Noel d'Ablemont-SmithMarch 21, 2013
    Global Publisher, aiCIO, Asset International
    Charlie, my heartfelt congratulations on a well-deserved honor. I want to thank you for all your support and insight in the industry over the past few years. It is a real pleasure working with you. Again, congrats and deepest thanks for everything. All my best, Noel
  • Thomas MingMarch 21, 2013
    Advisor and Friend, Tower Rock Advisors
    Charlie- You deserve the best, my friend! I appreciate our friendship and look forward to spending more time with you on the river! Tight Lines
  • Jim SiaMarch 21, 2013
    Defined Contribution, GMO, LLC
    Congratulations on the award, Charlie. It probably seems like yesterday when you were starting PLANSPONSOR and handing out awards to Schwab's RPS group. And you've kept on moving - a rolling stone gathers no moss! Congrats again. Jim
  • Steve KeatingMarch 20, 2013
    Co-Founder and Principal, Penbridge Advisors
    Charlie, I truly value our friendship and your willingness to always share your wealth of experience, singular perspective on the industry and insightful guidance. By your personal example and encouragement, you have inspired my own vision for what is possible. Congratulations on this award, it could not be more deserving! Most Sincerely, Steve
  • Robert JonesMarch 20, 2013
    VP Group Publisher, Asset International
    Dear Charlie, Thank you for extending me the opportunity to work for you at Asset International. The transition from selling integrated marketing solutions in New York City for larger media companies such as VNU, IDG and Forbes to a smaller media company in Connecticut has allowed me to have more balance in my life. Also, during the last seven years I have been able to be a part of three new brand launches as well as share in the growth of several media products. All of which has been extremely challenging, stimulating and rewarding, but the smaller environment has been the most rewarding thus far. Charlie, you truly have a gift for making people feel appreciated. I will always remember you as being knowledgeable, fair and a positive influence in my career and life. Most Sincerely, Robert
  • Drew LawtonMarch 19, 2013
    Sr. Managing Director, New York Life
    Charlie, my sincere aplogies for being unable to attend your award presentation. Our friendship over the years has been one that I've truly valued, and I will count on it continuing for many years to come. I've benefitted greatly from our relationship, as has our industry from your many and varied contributions. Best wishes for good health, happiness and continued success. Drew
  • Alan KirbyMarch 19, 2013
    Principal, Weatherbie & Co.
    Strong leaders have the ability to look back at business decisions and see improvements. Few have the insight to see the future potential of what can become a great success. Charlie is one of those visionary talents. When I worked in Fidelity’s pension marketing group, Charlie approached us with the idea of introducing research into our selling proposition. With complete presence of mind, he implemented, executed and delivered a program that broadened our reach to billions of new assets. His insights made our firm more successful, PLANSPONSOR more successful, and elevated my career. For all that and more, thank you, Charlie.
  • Frederick BaileyMarch 19, 2013
    Managing Director, Citigroup
    Congratulations, Charlie, on a very well-deserved award! Best wishes, Frederick
  • Nick SchagerMarch 19, 2013
    Former Managing Editor, Global Custodian
    Charlie, Congratulations on this well-deserved honor. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your taking a chance on me when I was just a fledgling college student (and, later, college graduate) those many years ago - working for you on Global Custodian was an invaluable experience, and I still think of my time at Asset International very, very fondly. I hope that in the near future we can reconnect again. All my best, Nick
  • Joe MastersonMarch 18, 2013
    Chief Marketing Officer, Transamerica Retirement Solutions
    A great guy deserves a great award! I have always enjoyed our time spent together. Our days of fishing in Florida may have been the most insightful to who you really are. I hope you can fit in some fishing while you are doing good for so many. All the best, Joe
  • Jim KellyMarch 18, 2013
    Director Pension Relations, Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
    “You know everybody” —I’ve said this to Charlie time and again over our 15-plus-year friendship, and the truth of the matter is, he connects the dots and makes it look easy. I’m thankful to have been a part of many of these collaborations—from fishing trips in Patagonia to the fledgling days of PLANSPONSOR—Charlie, thank you for all you’ve done, congratulations. Jim
  • Elisa SpainMarch 18, 2013
    Master Chair, Vistage International
    Charlie, My heartfelt congratulations. You have touched a lot of lives. I will always remember with gratitude your support "back in the day." With love & respect, Elisa
  • Josh CohenMarch 18, 2013
    DC Practice Leader, Russell Investments
    Charlie, I always enjoy talking to you about the industry. You have a wonderful perspective and great insights. You aren't afraid to tell it like it is. Congrats on this award.
  • Meredith HughesMarch 17, 2013
    1 of Charlie's Angels , Formerly at Asset International, now at Asset Communications Inc
    Charlie, Congratulations! It has been 20+ years of "Charliepolooza," and I have been amused during all but a few times in India and Florence (Sibos) when I quit while driving a small bus up a mountainside to host "just a few friends of the company." Sorry I made you sleep with Robert Kay that night! Looking forward to many more years of friendship and laughs! Cheers, Meredith
  • AviMarch 17, 2013
    Co-Founder, Director of Research, Strategic Insight
    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." -Aristotle Did he envision you? Or, in your case, is it just your nature? Either way, the result is the same. Congratulations.
  • Barbara DelaneyMarch 17, 2013
    Principal, StoneStreetEquity LLC
    Charlie, your leadership and the vision you have had in this industry will continue to shape the future. You were one of the first to recognize the value of an adviser and you are a role model to all.
  • Chris BuzelliMarch 17, 2013
    Illustrator, Chris Buzelli
    Huge congrats, Charlie! I began illustrating for PLANSPONSOR over 17 years ago. Thank you so much for bringing me on this wonderful ride. Your vision has helped me immensely and this is the perfect award for you.
  • Dick DarianMarch 16, 2013
    Director National Sales , BlackRock
    Charlie, It would be difficult to think of you not being part of this wonderful business. I am lucky to call you my friend. Let's fish together soon. Congratulations!
  • Stig NyboMarch 16, 2013
    President - Sales, Marketing, & Distribution, Transamerica Retirement Solutions
    Charlie – I can not think of anyone who is more deserving of this award. You have been a leader and true pioneer in our industry. Your friend- Stig
  • Ben RuffelMarch 16, 2013
    Junior Associate, Ruffel Clan
    You have been a peerless guide in my life. Over the past 22 years you've worn many hats: father, teacher, landlord, editor, employer, chef, inspiration, source of both sound and questionable advice, and a fount of jokes that I will never repeat. Thank you for everything.
  • Gene FergusonMarch 15, 2013
    Director, Indian Harbor LLC
    Tremendous honor Charlie-- well deserved! To think that it's been over 15 years when we first met at Salomon Brothers Asset Mangement to receive PLANSPONSOR's Manager of the Year Award. Congratulations! All the best, Gene
  • Don TroneMarch 15, 2013
    President, Leadership Center for Investment Stewards
    Charlie - On a personal level, my regret is that we have not had an opportunity to spend more time together! Let's change that! Have even more fun - all the best, Don
  • Bob HauslerMarch 15, 2013
    Founder/CMO , RTH Strategic Marketing LLC
    Congrats, Charlie, on this important milestone. You certainly had a vision many years ago when we first met, and it's fitting to applaud your execution and achievement. You are indeed a wonderful success story, as well as a great friend.
  • Gary LineberryMarch 14, 2013
    VP, DST Retirement Solutions
    I remember fondly the Holiday dinners with our wives....great conversation and your wonderful insights about our industry. Congratulations, and know you've made a difference, my friend.
  • Jerry BramlettMarch 14, 2013
    Owner, Bramlett Consulting
    Having experienced both the best of times and the worst of times, Charlie can be both the eternal optimist as well as the cynic with a clever sense of humor, stoic in the face of set-backs but always tenacious when it comes to moving the ball down the field - all the while never taking himself (or the world) too seriously. A true Renaissance Man in every sense of the world. I am glad to have Charlie as a close friend and adviser. Congratulations, Charlie.
  • Arun MuralidharMarch 14, 2013
    Founder, Mcube Investment Technologies and AlphaEngine Global Investment Solutions
    Charlie - I am truly blessed to have met you many moons ago! Every lunch/dinner we have shared has left me searching for ways to improve who I am as an individual and professional. Can't thank you enough for that. To me, your greatest achievement will be the impressive kids you have raised, who seem to be able top their old man at his own game! To many more fun dinners, my friend...Arun and Shaila
  • Eric LaursenMarch 14, 2013
    Former Managing Editor, PLANSPONSOR
    Charlie first discussed the idea for PLANSPONSOR with me, I believe, on a freezing cold corner near the Holland Tunnel, not far from the dusty, Dickensian rooms that were then the launch for Global Custodian and Asset International newsletter. Our plant then consisted of a small collection of 286 machines, networked together in a feeble way, and an enormous, early Apple laser printer that I was still using even after we moved to 125 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT. Charlie's usual work attire was Hawaiian shirts. Oh, and there was a fax machine, over which, once a week, we received "news" dispatches (loosely defined) from a mysterious Tokyo correspondent identified as SK "Chat" Chatterjee. Occasionally, he asked to be paid. Somehow or other Global Custodian was born--Charlie's first magazine. The inaugural issue featured a color photo of a statue of Atlas--"I've finally fulfilled my dream: to put a naked man on the cover of a magazine!" Charlie declared on opening the first box. Dominic Hobson was the pivotal contributor from the start (his role, of course, has only grown--I look forward to the 25th anniversary issue of GC, some time next year), with the estimable Lorna Cox very much in the mix as well. PLANSPONSOR followed, designed by the inimitable Fionn Reilly. The first issue featured a color photo of an equally naked shark on the cover. A pattern was taking hold. I could go on about the writers, artists, guest columnists and Retirees of the Month who made each issue so--unique--but I won't. I do remember a surprisingly heated argument between Charlie and Fionn concerning whether to accompany our pioneering "Benefits" story on gay marriage with a photo of a female or a male couple. (Guess who argued for which?) It all added up to nine years (for me) of fun, learning and great pride in what we managed to accomplish on what would today seem a next to impossible budget. Charlie, of course, with his good humor, editorial and marketing flair, and indomitable conviction that this latest semi-crisis would be "a piece of cake," was the one who made it fun and a success. Here's to you!
  • Maarten NederlofMarch 14, 2013
    Managing Director, PAAMCO
    I remember the night we met, more than 20 years ago, when you were just starting Asset International and PLANSPONSOR. Your charisma, sense of humor and, yes, vision were full of passion. Okay, maybe your sense of humor is a bit rough around the edges, but I never fail to smile when we connect. Our collaboration and countless exchanges of ideas were a core part of who I became as my career progressed. You have taught me so much, and not just professionally. Some of my fondest memories as a father are from all those times you and I suited up (suited down is more like it) and got dirty with our kids and our paintball gear. I think we were more juvenile than they were. That's how you teach them how to have fun without reservation. You've also been there for me in challenging times-always there, always supportive, and when I needed it, always first to call bull****. With the exception of family, I can't think of anyone who has had so much impact in my life, professionally and personally. I love you like a brother. Maarten
  • Sharon EgilinskyMarch 14, 2013
    President, SRE SOLUTIONS. LLC
    Charlie - your friendship, advice and support have been an important part of my experience over the years. Congratulations to a guy who is not afraid to take risks, keep it real and take time for a few laughs when we need them most! All the best, Sharon
  • Alix HughesMarch 14, 2013
    Senior Associate, Financial Services, Booz Allen Hamilton
    Charlie, Congratulations on receiving the Vision Award. Thank you for sharing the journey with us all. Alix
  • Matthew P. MintzerMarch 14, 2013
    Head of National Accounts, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
    From our first meeting in 1997, to advice that would forever change my life at the PLANADVISER launch, you are a – if not the – trusted source of sage advice, wise council, clear guidance and, well, just a lot of things to ponder or laugh about. This award is not only a reflection of what you have done – and do – in this industry, but what you mean to so many of us personally. My congratulations and deepest thanks…MPM
  • Lynn ConnellyMarch 14, 2013
    PE, Production Manager, Asset International
    Congratulations, Charlie! I am truly honored to have had the chance to work with you. I miss the old days, when you used to come back to the Design & Production department to work on magazines with us, and you fed us schnecken and coffee. You never had bare feet, but frequently wore red socks and no shoes. You always challenged us intellectually and never held back on giving out compliments. In your immortal words, 'Thank God you're here!'. Wishing you many more successes.
  • Elayne Robertson DembyMarch 14, 2013
    Vice President, Demby Communications and Consulting LLP
    Congratulations on your award. It's been a privilege to work with you through the years.
  • Nevin AdamsMarch 14, 2013
    Director, Media & External Relations , Employee Benefit Research Institute
    Charlie, The hardest thing to believe about PLANSPONSOR’s 20th anniversary is that I was there for more than half of it. Who would’ve thought that a brief email exchange during the Christmas holidays could have brought such change to both our lives – and the work we both (still) love. Thanks for over the years trusting my judgment, encouraging my creativity, and prodding me to do and say more. While I’ve long appreciated your kind words and your willingness to share credit, I’ve always thought your true talent lay in your ability not only to recognize talent, but to nurture it. Most of all, thanks for giving me the chance to help make a difference.
  • Richard SchwartzMarch 14, 2013
    Editorial, Asset International
    Congratulations Charlie! (Did you approve these pictures?)
  • Francoise (Frankie) CesarMarch 14, 2013
    Head of Marketing and Sales, THE TRADE LTD
    Charlie, I am honoured to be asked to contribute to this testimonial and will always remember you as my "friendly competitor" (at the time) who wanted to offer me a job! Toutes mes felicitations! Frankie
  • Fred ReishMarch 14, 2013
    Partner and Chair, Financial Services ERISA Team, Drinker Biddle
    Charlie, you have taught us, shaped our thinking and led the way. You are a visionary...and also a good friend. Of course, the accent helped some too. :-) Congratulations!
  • Bill ChetneyMarch 14, 2013
    Grand Pubah of Pensions, LPL
    No one deserves it more! Can't wait to see you in Mexico!
  • Hank GreenMarch 14, 2013
    Principal, Ben-Abraham Associates
    When you first told me you were planning to create a monthly publication for plan sponsors, I secretly thought you were nuts. That space seemed to be sewn up by another publication, and I doubted there would be space for an upstart. Clearly, you knew what you were doing and I was totally out to lunch. It is stunning what you have achieved, not just with PLANSPONSOR but with its sister brands. You have a gold-plated reputation for not taking guff from inflated egos; for helping many people at critical times in their careers, without expecting anything in return; for often being the smartest person in the room, but never advertising it; for developing incredible talent; for taking daunting business risks; and for seeing developments in our industry well before others see them . . . which, I suppose, is why you are eminently deserving of The Vision Award.
  • John LeeMarch 14, 2013
    Managing director, Europe, Asset International
    Charlie, From competitors many years ago to colleagues today, the enduring connection has always been the high regard I've held you in. Congratulations, John
  • Katharine RamsdenMarch 14, 2013
    Global Head, Thought Leadership, Thomson Reuters
    Always happy to celebrate Charlie, never surprised when someone else does. Congratulations.
  • Glen DaileyMarch 14, 2013
    Managing Director, Jefferies & Company
    Charlie, Congratulations on the well-deserved vision award. You had a vision and followed it through for 20 years. The industry is better off for having known you. Best wishes, Glen
  • Jim MorrisseyMarch 14, 2013
    CEO, InvestorForce, part of MSCI, Inc.
    Charlie, Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition. Over our 15-plus year personal and professional relationship, I have particularly valued your ability to connect the dots between seemingly unconnected things; your readiness to help in any way possible from providing introductions and advice to offering recommendations on good South African wines; and lastly, your strategic vision for the industry. I look forward to toasting you in celebration of this recognition.
  • Ross ClaryMarch 14, 2013
    Partner, Shepherd Kaplan
    Charlie, The following epitomizes what you've meant to our industry, as my mentor and as a true friend... 'The world can't hold down the man determined to succeed and who proceeds fearlessly at his task.' Thank you for the inspiration and support through the years! Al die beste, Ross Clary
  • Jude MetcalfeMarch 14, 2013
    President, DST Retirement Solutions
    Congratulations on a well-deserved honor.
  • Mark AhernMarch 14, 2013
    Partner, Three Bridges Capital
    Congratulations, Charlie on a much-deserved award and recognition for the impact you've had on our industry.
  • Matthew AppelsteinMarch 14, 2013
    Managing director, RBC Global Asset Management
    Congrats, this is a well-deserved honor and one which shows the impact you have had on this industry.
  • Robin PellishMarch 14, 2013
    Chief Executive Officer, Rocaton Investment Advisors
    Charlie, Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition! I have always appreciated your willingness to share your insights on industry developments and prospects (as well as your stories about your great fishing trips). Robin
  • Jim CasellaMarch 14, 2013
    Chairman & CEO , Asset International
    Charlie, I truly value your counsel & friendship. You are an exceptional visionary, who has a positive impact, daily, on our industry. Congratulations & all the best, Jim
  • Quinn KeelerMarch 13, 2013
    Senior Vice President, Asset International
    It was almost, but not quite, 20 years ago that I interviewed for the job at PLANSPONSOR. You needed a circulation person and I wanted to get out of my job in NYC. You conducted the interview barefoot, and the office was, well, let’s just say not the most professional of environments. I wanted out of New York so badly I chose to overlook some of the red flags. Never would I have imagined being here this long, nor having the position take me to Tokyo, Florence, London- or some remote wilderness in British Columbia. In the end, some of the "red flags" are the very things that kept me here. I could write a book. Too bad “Travels with Charlie” is already taken (more or less).
  • Yaqub AhmedMarch 13, 2013
    Head of Investment-Only Division-U.S., Franklin Templeton
    Charlie, this award is most appropriate. You always bring clarity and forward thinking to any subject or situation, regardless of how complex. Congrats my friend! Qub
  • Heather SmileyMarch 13, 2013
    CMO, MassMutual Retirement Services
    Congratulations, Charlie. Your colleagues at MassMutual wish you the best and applaud your well-deserved recognition.
  • Eric HazardMarch 13, 2013
    Vice President, Intermarket Communications
    Charlie, Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition. You've taught me to be skeptical and inquisitive, while maintaining a healthy self-depreciation. These skills have served me well as I continue to get to the truth in every story. Best, Eric
  • Quana JewMarch 13, 2013
    Partner, Arent Fox LLP
    Charlie, My hearty congratulations. I will always remember our pedicab ride in San Diego during which we dutifully spoke about 401(k) plans while we watched the pedestrians scatter like duckpins.
  • Lisa ReillyMarch 13, 2013
    Assistant Vice President, Advertising & Public Relations, MassMutual
    Charlie, Congratulations to "the pension industry's most interesting man"! It's always a pleasure and a privilege to work with such a consummate professional.
  • Peter RuffelMarch 13, 2013
    Client Management Associate, CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
    Dad, My role model once told me the destination is well worth the journey. Its clear to me now how true your mantra is. Congratulations. Love, Peter
  • Aniko DeLaneyMarch 13, 2013
    Marketing Director, Global Collateral Services, BNY Mellon
    Charlie, Congratulations on receiving the Vision Award. Best wishes, Aniko