Americans Spent More Than $30 Billion on Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day has passed this year, and has tallied up how much Americans spent on Mom.

Its research suggests that the average American spent $124 on their Mother’s Day gifts this year, adding up to a grand total of $30.309 billion.

Sons were more generous, spending almost double than what daughters spent, at $177 on average compared to $97, respectively. Millennials were the most generous for their moms, spending an average of $296, compared to $137 by Generation X. Baby Boomers were the tightest, spending just $41 on their moms on average.

The biggest spenders were unsurprisingly those who earn between $175,000 and $200,000, showering mom with an average of $690 on gifts. The lower income end spent the least, with an average of $47 for earners of $10,000 to $25,000.

Out of 37 states (13 states were excluded due to low sample sizes), Texans were the most generous, spending $248 on average on their moms. It was followed by New Yorkers, spending on average $225, then Washington ($210). The cheapest state was Oregon, spending on average $30 on their moms, followed by Wisconsin ($33) and Indiana ($34).

It seems Americans won’t be as generous to Dad, as they plan to spend an average of $84 on Father’s Day, which would total $20.845 billion.

The results are based on a survey of 6,050 American adults. Click here for an interactive chart showing the average spend for each state.