John Hancock Offers HelloWallet Financial Wellness Program

HelloWallet will become part of the Total Retirement Solutions platform in the fourth quarter.

John Hancock Retirement Plan Services will begin offering Morningstar’s HelloWallet financial wellness program on its Total Retirement Solutions platform in the fourth quarter.

HelloWallet helps people manage their finances by creating budgets, analyzing spending and savings trends, and tracking progress toward goals. It is based on findings from behavioral finance and industry experts.

“Our proprietary research proves that financial stress is a major factor in many people’s lives, and retirement is almost an irrelevant topic as people have too much debt and not enough savings,” says Patrick Murphy, president of John Hancock Retirement Plan Services. “By offering HelloWallet, we’re helping people figure out how to alleviate their immediate financial stresses and enabling them to save for a comfortable retirement.”

Morningstar acquired HelloWallet in late May.