Mercer Offers Health Benefit Insights to Employers

A series of whitepapers address concerns for small and mid-size employers.

Mercer has recently introduced a series of whitepapers aimed at the health benefits needs and concerns of small to mid-size employers. 

Consultants from throughout Mercer Health & Benefits have developed the following insights:

  • Getting the value out of Total Health Management: How can the actions an employer takes to support the health, productivity, and wellbeing of its employees also help reduce costs?
  • Stop Loss Insurance – critical coverage for the catastrophic: High-cost claims ($1 million or more) are rising. What are the reasons for these high-cost claims, and how can employers use stop loss insurance to cover them?
  • Voluntary benefits become mainstream: Voluntary benefits are a critical component for employers in the fight for talent and employee engagement, and can help lessen health care reform-related burdens. Which voluntary benefits should be offered?
  • The prescription drug dilemma:  Prescription drugs are the top driver of health care cost increases today, and this is not going to change in the foreseeable future for any employer. What are the best ways to combat rising drug costs?
All of these whitepapers can be downloaded at Mercer says more will be added in the weeks ahead.