SURVEY SAYS: “Best Places” to Work

I’ve seen many announcements lately of companies winning “Best Places to Work” awards.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Is your company a ‘best place’ to work, and if so, what factors make it so?”

More than two-thirds (68.6%) of responding readers indicated their company is a “best place” to work, while 31.4% said it isn’t.

Among those who reported their company is a “best place” to work, the top factors cited for making it so were “fair pay and pay increases,” and “good morals/ethics of the company” (67.9% each). Other top factors included “flexibility allowed in work schedules” (64.3%), “knowledgeable, helpful and friendly boss(es)” (60.7%), and “great retirement benefits” (60.7%).

Other factors listed ranked as follows:

  • Knowledgeable, helpful and friendly coworkers (57.1%);
  • The company shows it cares about its people (57.1%);
  • There’s some fun mixed in with the work (53.5%);
  • Hours required to work are reasonable (50%);
  • Great health benefits (50%);
  • Convenient location/easy or short commute (46.4%);    
  • The dress code is casual (39.3%);
  • Other great benefits (28.5%);
  • Technology is up to date and easy to use (21.4%); and
  • All of the above (3.5%).

A suggested “other” factor was “Our company is a great corporate citizen. Very involved in the community and contributor to education and the needy.”

Verbatim comments were a mix of explaining why certain companies ARE a “best place” to work and why some AREN’T. While I thoroughly enjoyed this comment, “Ahahahaha!”, Editor’s Choice this week goes to the comment that probably sums up how the majority of employees feel: “Sometimes it’s the best of times–sometimes it’s the worst of times.”

A big thank you to all who participated in the survey!


It used to be. Something happened in the past years where the company lost its soul. Perhaps a deal with the devil occurred somewhere?

The best part of my job? My husband and I work at the same place and drive to work every day together, eat lunch together. Fortunately, we really like each other and have for 45 years! ":P) Plus we retire Dec 31st. Yay!

A Starbucks was built on site, to appease the young, hip employees. Tumbleweeds blow through it most of the time.

We have 3 separate forms of Retirement Benefits. 1. A defined benefit plan 2. A defined contribution plan that matches 75% of the first 6% of salary 3. A non-elective 401(a) that pays a flat percentage to all employees. There are no choices, everyone gets all of them.

Executives will use surveys to tell us this is a "best place" to work. However, the reputation and culture carried through the community is the real survey results.

With a philosophy of "my minions should be happy to have a job and work 14 hour + days like they do in China" I believe we are far from the "Best Place to Work". Although the employees team together to make the days tolerable and that has kept some of us around through the years of 50-60% turnover.

Company provides some a great profit sharing contribution, and generous match. Couple that with the employer contributions to the HSA and the amount they help pay for health insurance, even if I think about going to another employer paying the same salary, I would probably lose in the end by not getting those same benefits.

Sometimes it's the best of times--sometimes it's the worst of times.

Unfortunately a change in upper management has turned my company from a good place to work to an extremely employee unfriendly environment,

Our company truly cares about its employees and doesn't constantly remind us that we have to first and foremost keep up 'shareholder value' – it’s about us and our clients, too!

Whoa, somebody check my nose. Does it look ok? Can't say "best" but from an actuarial standpoint the average service is 16yrs and average age is 49.5. When they come they stay.


When upper management remembers that it takes a "village" to create and service a great product, work is good for everyone and the customer is satisfied. There's more to running a business than just focusing on the profit margin.

Although I feel I work for a great company. I know others have voted for "Best Place" under peer pressure. Therefore, in general, I believe any best workplace awards are typically not reliable and/or valid.

While I was able to check many of the boxes above, what makes this a great place to work is the people. When we say it is a flat organization it truly is, from the top down there are no airs or formalities. Everyone pitches in and gets the work done.

Excellent health benefits.


NOTE: Responses reflect the opinions of individual readers and not necessarily the stance of Asset International or its affiliates.