SURVEY SAYS: Keeping Up to Date in the Industry

Our PLANSPONSOR National Conference is coming soon.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “What live events do you use to keep up to date in the industry?”

More than half (51.7%) of respondents work in a plan sponsor role, more than one-third (34.5%) are TPAs/recordkeepers/investment managers, and 13.8% are advisers/consultants.

Respondents use all types of live events to keep up with the industry, with 62.1% each choosing webcasts sponsored by industry associations and webcasts sponsored by the IRS or DOL. Nearly two-thirds (65.5%) selected conferences sponsored by industry associations, and more than half (58.6%) selected webcasts sponsored by providers.

More live events were chosen as follows:

  • webcasts sponsored by publications – 48.3%;
  • conferences sponsored by providers – 27.6%;
  • conferences sponsored by publications – 20.7%;
  • seminars sponsored by the IRS or DOL – 13.8%;
  • training programs – 13.8%; and
  • designation programs – 41.4%.

“Other” responses included monthly/quarterly meetings by industry association chapters and webcasts & meetings by consultants, captive user group, IEBA.

In verbatim responses, several readers pointed out that time and cost can be barriers to attending live events. So, several indicated they use articles and newsletters (such as NewsDash) to keep up to date with the industry. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said, “Keep up the good work; the first thing I read every day is NewsDash.” 

Thanks to all who participated in the survey!

More information about the PLANSPONSOR National Conference, including how to register is here.


I will give any and all a good first look to glean what I can.


Since I have several designations/licenses and continuing education is required for all, I try to attend events that provide me with CE credits that can be used across multiple designations/licenses.

I like to initially get information in sound bites. NewsDash is my starting point for keeping up to date with the industry.

Managing both payroll and HR, it's a full time job keeping up with my full time job.

A lot to keep up with.

Most of my updates in the industry are from email/web articles, but it is getting harder and harder to keep up with changes as caseload gets bigger, deadlines more frequent and training more expensive both from a dollar cost and time away from the office. Can't wait for Trump to get rid of all these pesky rules and excess regulation and make my life easier....

I read the daily PLANSPONSOR NewsDash emails. I don't use any live events.

Keep up the good work; the first thing I read every day is NewsDash

Loved the PLANSPONSOR Annual Conference when it was held in Chicago. Now that it’s in DC, I have to find other ways to keep up, including the Best of PSNC.

I participate in a variety of educational events based on topics, cost, location and facilitator.

Easier than it used to be with the plethora of information, but finding the time is a challenge.

With continuing pressure to increase productivity in the office, and maintain work/life balance, it becomes increasingly difficult to fit in these activities.

Rely primarily on daily emails from trade publications.


NOTE: Responses reflect the opinions of individual readers and not necessarily the stance of Asset International or its affiliates.