Software Firm Offers ACA Compliance Tools

FingerCheck offers tools and reports to help employers keep tabs of their full-time employee count.

FingerCheck, a time and attendance software provider, has introduced new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) tools for employers.

For small to midsize businesses that employ close to 50 employees, in order to help employers keep their full-time employee count under the ACA threshold, FingerCheck provides free labor reports they can run to determine if their company qualifies as an applicable large employer (ALE) by taking into consideration their full-time equivalents (FTEs). Employers also may determine when part-time employees may be considered full-time based on hours, forecast scheduled hours with future schedules to determine how close employees are to thresholds, and ensure that part-time employees are remaining under the appropriate hours thresholds.

The software automatically calculates employer status, the status of employees and total FTE count. Based on the data tracked within FingerCheck, employers can customize their look-back period and view their numbers over time. 

Reports provided include:

  • The ACA Large Employer Summary, with a Crosstab option, which averages total full-time and FTE count to determine whether the employer is an ALE;
  • The ACA Status by Employee Report, with a Monthly Crosstab option, which reflects employees’ status in more detail and classifies employees as full-time or part-time based on their hours; and
  • The ACA Forecast By Employee, which forecasts the status of employees for the month—either part-time or full-time—by assessing the scheduled hours they are supposed to work.

More information is here.