TRIVIAL PURSUITS: Which brand persona was not inspired by a real person?

Aunt Jemima was Nancy Green, who was an excellent cook and discovered by the pancake people at age 59. They called her Aunt Jemima, and at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, she and the pancakes attracted huge crowds.

Sara Lee was the daughter of bakery entrepreneur Charlie Lubin, who put her name on cheesecakes when she was only eight years old. In 1956, Lubin sold his business to Consolidated Foods and worked as an executive there. In 1985, Consolidated Foods changed its name to the Sara Lee Corporation.

Betty Crocker was a fictitious character. The surname Crocker was that of a General Mills executive; her signature was that of a company secretary; and her radio voice was performed by various actresses. Her face was a composite of several employees of General Mills.