Virgin Pulse Offers Toolkit to Help Employers Promote Wellbeing

The toolkit promotes and addresses the varied components of wellbeing, including physical health, emotional balance, financial stability and strong social bonds.

Some employers may not know this, but June is Employee Wellbeing Month.

Established as such by Virgin Pulse, it has convened Employee Wellbeing Month for the past eight years, along with several long-standing sponsors.

“We created this month as part of our ongoing mission to help employers create healthier, happier, thriving workplaces, knowing that an entire month devoted to the promotion of good habits and behaviors would go a long way in raising awareness, positively impacting company culture, and creating strong office relationships centered around positive choices,” Wendy Werve, chief marketing officer with Virgin Pulse, tells PLANSPONSOR.

The company has released a toolkit to supply employers everywhere with the resources they need to keep wellness going all year long. Werve explains, “The toolkit was created with the knowledge that wellbeing is a very personal journey for individuals, and no two employees will have exactly the same goals. We wanted to promote and address the varied components of wellbeing, including physical health, emotional balance, financial stability and strong social bonds. The materials are easily customizable for organizations and designed to allow them to align messages with their workplace culture and goals.”

Virgin Pulse created the following turnkey materials for employers to use:

  • Three visually engaging and enticing posters that promote easy wellbeing tweaks for employees. For example, packing lunch during Employee Wellbeing Month promotes healthy eating and financial stability. The goal here is for organizations to post these posters around their workplaces to drive momentum, excitement and participation in wellbeing for the month of June, and ideally beyond!
  • For employers that rely heavily on email, the company also created three complementary emails.
  • A suggested activities list provides employers with inexpensive, creative campaigns, events, and ideas for celebrating Employee Wellbeing Month.
  • An Employee Wellbeing Month FAQ can be used to educate both executives and employees about the importance and meaning of the celebration.
  • A suggested activities calendar maps out the key milestones and suggested activities for the month of June.
  • Informational newsletter copy was created for easy use in internal communications and intranets.

“Employee wellbeing is essential to creating a productive, collaborative, high-functioning workforce. By taking the month of June to invest in the livelihood of their employees, employers celebrating Employee Wellbeing Month are making a strong statement about the value they place on their people,” Werve says. “We hope that organizations use Employee Wellbeing month and these materials to launch longer term wellbeing initiatives and activities for their employees. By offering this toolkit, we want organizations to see that they can create a culture of wellbeing by starting small and building over time.”

The toolkit may be downloaded from