Stopping a Retirement Crisis

Currently, America has a retirement plan coverage gap, a retirement savings gap and a guaranteed income gap, which plan sponsors and lawmakers need to address to avoid a retirement crisis.

Do You Have What It Takes to Obtain Fiduciary Insurance?

When assessing whether or not to take on a sponsor as a client, the insurers “have really sharpened their pencils,” says Nancy Ross, a partner and head of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Litigation Practice at Mayer Brown.

Meaningful Education Needed Before Open Enrollment

Education about benefits should be simple and personalized, and with the recent focus on HSAs as a way to save for retirement health care costs, special attention should be paid to education about them.

Barry’s Pickings: Borrowing to Save

Michael Barry, president of October Three (O3) Plan Advisory Services LLC, provides the math for why it makes sense to pay off debt before saving for retirement.

Plan Sponsors Shouldn’t Fear Making Settlor Decisions

Retirement plan sponsors often fear participant backlash when making decisions that could actually help improve participant outcomes, but the law is on their side, as plan amendments are considered settlor functions.

Distributions Basics Confuse Sponsors and Participants

The rules set around all the different types of qualified retirement plan distributions are quite complex, but plan sponsors have a lot of places to turn for support when learning about this pressing topic.

(b)lines Ask the Experts – Anything New on 2017 Form 5500?

“Working at a large 403(b) plan sponsor, I have been spending my summer as usual thus far working with our auditors on the 2017 Form 5500 audit report for our calendar-year filing. Is there anything new that I should watch out for on the form itself?”

The Importance of Helping Caregivers

One out of every six workers assists with caregiving, and this can derail their retirement savings; employers have a role to play in helping this sizable work force population achieve financial wellness.

Helping Employees Build Emergency Savings

The term “sidecar savings accounts” has been introduced into the retirement industry’s lexicon, and new legislation has been introduced to allow employers to auto enroll employees into them.