U.S. Demand Grows for ‘Safe ESG’ via Fixed-Income Vehicles

There is still not very much discussion in the U.S. about fixed-income investments pursuing ESG themes, according to BlueBay Asset Management’s My-Linh Ngo, but there are some compelling opportunities out there that institutional investors should consider.

What If You Could Exit the 401(k) Business?

There is a modern, professionally managed and outsourced alternative that, while not completely relieving plan sponsors of their fiduciary responsibilities in the eyes of regulators, removes pressure on company resources.

Barry’s Pickings: What Are Benefits?

Benefits—as most HR professionals will generally (and sooner or later) intuit—are at the heart of this firm culture issue. They are a critical place in which a firm defines itself.

ERISA Section 404(c): Back to Basics

To be 404(c) compliant, a plan must offer a broad range of investment options and make it possible for participants to view and control their investments; the prescription sounds simple, but it can be confusing in practice.

How to Talk Through Volatility with Plan Participants

It is also important to keep participants’ eyes on the longer term, says Frank Pape, director of consulting services at Russell Investments in Seattle. If participants are experiencing volatility, remind them that this is part of investing.