Friday Fun – April 24, 2020

And now for some FRIDAY FUN!

A game for cats, a man teaches his daughter God’s first name, and more.

In Indian Trail, North Carolina, a farm is offering a way to provide some levity for tedious virtual meetings during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Associated Press. Peace N Peas Farm will rent Mambo, the 8-year-old miniature donkey, and his friends to crash company conference calls, The Charlotte Observer reported. This camera crowding donkey is “like a pesky little brother” that “doesn’t let anyone relax too long,” Francie Dunlap, Mambo’s owner, said. Companies can choose other farm animals they want to invite as guests on their video calls. According to the farm animal’s meeting registration website, they include three horses, some chickens and ducks. “I think it would get some laughs,” Dunlap said. Customers can reserve 10 minutes with the animals for $50, and Dunlap said co-workers can also choose a virtual meeting name for the farm animal.

At the Mollehusvej border crossing, an 89-year-old retired farmer and an 85-year-old former caterer have found a way to keep their love alive despite a border lockdown. He lives in Northern Germany and she lives in Southern Denmark. Prior to March 13, when the Danish government announced it would close its borders the next day to all but people traveling for work, she would typically go to his house daily and they would cook a meal together and chat. According to The New York Times, they didn’t let the border lockdown stop their daily meetings. She drives from the Danish side and he cycles from the German side to the border. She brings the coffee and the table, he the chairs and the schnapps. Then they sit down on either side of the border, a yard or two apart, to chat, joke and drink.

A way to keep cats entertained during stay-at-home orders. If you can’t view the below video, try

What is God’s first name? If you can’t view the below video, try