A Little Friday File Fun

In Shreveport, Louisiana, a man was washing his car at a car wash when a man pointed a gun at him and demanded his keys and cash. KSLA-TV reports that the man turned the powerful spray on the gunman and tried to hit him with the wand. He also fended off another man who came around the other side of the vehicle.

In Wandsworth, New Zealand, a woman is suing her neighbor—for cooking spicy foods. The New Zealand Herald reports that she is also looking for compensation, as she claims the fumes from the “strong overwhelming vapor of hot chillis” from the flat above her home “constricts her airways and burns her windpipe” and “permeates her home” for up to eight hours.

In Orlando, Florida, Krispy Kreme donuts can be addictive, but this is ridiculous. A 64-year-old driver was stopped by police. Police wrote in their report that during the traffic stop, they noticed four flakes on the floorboard they suspected were me.th. According to the Orlando Sentinel, police say a road side test showed positive for the substance. However, a state crime lab confirmed the flakes were indeed donut glaze.