Getting a Job Offer May Depend on Age of Hiring Manager

Relevant work experience and skills are the most important aspects of a resume for hiring managers of all ages, according to a survey released by Addison Group.

More than half of respondents rank relevant work experience and skills highest when considering moving a candidate to the interview phase. On the other side of the spectrum, hiring managers view volunteer experience, grade point average (GPA) and schools attended as the least important factors for consideration.

However, the survey found not all generations view job candidates equally. The survey examined the preferences of hiring managers who are Baby Boomers, Generation X or Millennials, and found proven results and references were more important to Boomers (61% and 30%, respectively) than Millennials (44% and 21%, respectively). Boomers weigh the interview more heavily, with 30% more Boomer hiring mangers ranking the interview above the resume or references.

Millennials were most concerned with a candidate’s level of education, schools attended and GPA at 27%, 13% and 16%, respectively. Generation X values a candidate’s resume (64%) significantly more than Millennials do (50%).

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