Getting a Job Offer May Depend on Age of Hiring Manager

Candidate sources are the most polarizing of the survey results, with twice as many Millennials trusting Facebook and Twitter to identify candidates (45% and 28%, respectively) compared with other generations (Generation Xers: 27% and 14%; Boomers: 15% and 9%).

Across all ages, more hiring managers favor work experience not related to a role over volunteer experience. More than three-fourths (77%) of hiring managers note that the reputation of previous employers is an important determinant of a candidate’s qualification for a particular role, while 90% of hiring managers admit they always or sometimes notice when a resume isn’t tailored to the role in question.

“Trends in hiring manager preferences change over time, especially as the work force is becoming more and more dominated by the Millennial generation,” says Addison Group CEO Thomas Moran. “Today’s job-seekers need better resources, more accurate information and greater assistance when anticipating what hiring managers will value throughout the interviewing process if they want to land a job.”

The survey included 505 employees responsible for hiring in some capacity at their company.