Job Searchers Still Make Egregious Interview Mistakes

According to a nationwide survey from CareerBuilder taken from November 4 to December 1, 2015, among more than 2,500 hiring and human resource managers, while job candidates might take their time when prepping for an interview, it doesn’t take long for a hiring manager to make a decision. Fifty percent of employers say they know within the first five minutes of an interview if a candidate is a good fit for a position.

Respondents reported that the most common interview questions ask include:

  • Tell me about yourself: 55%;
  • Why do you want this job?: 50%;
  • Why did you leave your last job?: 50%;
  • What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness?: 49%; and
  • Describe a difficult work situation and how you overcame it: 48%.

An impressive resume and cover letter can get a candidate an interview; however, body language mistakes can completely undermine these efforts and derail a candidate’s chances of getting hired. When asked to identify the biggest body language mistakes job seekers make, hiring managers shared:

  • Failing to make eye contact: 67%;
  • Failing to smile: 39%;
  • Playing with something on the table: 33%;
  • Having bad posture: 30%;
  • Fidgeting too much in their seats: 30%;
  • Crossing their arms over their chests: 29%;
  • Playing with their hair or touching their faces: 27%;
  • Having a weak handshake: 21%;
  • Using too many hand gestures: 11%; and
  • Having a handshake that was too strong: 7%.
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