This Year’s Oddest Excuses for Being Late to Work

When asked how often they come in late to work, one in four workers admitted they do it at least once a month, and 13% say it’s a weekly occurrence for them, according to an annual CareerBuilder survey.

Approximately two-thirds (67%) of employers and employees (66%) believe the concept of “working 9 to 5” is an antiquated practice, but more than half of employers (51%) expect employees to be on time every day, and four in 10 (41%) have fired someone for being late.

Some employers are more lenient than others, however. One-third of employers (33%) say they have no problem with the occasional late arrival, as long as it doesn’t become a pattern, and 16% say they don’t need employees to be punctual if they can still get their work done. To that end, 62% of workers who arrive late say they will stay later to make up for it.

In general, the usual suspects are to blame for why employees are late to work: Traffic (53%), oversleeping (33%), bad weather (28%), lack of sleep (23%) and needing to get kids to daycare or school (15%).

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