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Information & Insights for the 403(b) Community
Congressional Hearing Highlights Arguments for, Against Retirement Security Proposal
Congressional Hearing Highlights Arguments for, Against Retirement Security Proposal
The House of Representatives hosted a second hearing on the retirement security proposal, during which witnesses disagreed on the adequacy of existing rules and the proposal’s potential to restrict access to financial products.
Whatever Happened to CITs in 403(b)s?
It’s still a work in progress, as a legislative proposal makes its way through Congress.
Ask the Experts
Can Employer Contributions to 403(b) Custodial Accounts Be Distributed for Hardships?
Q: I heard the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022 changed the hardship withdrawal rules for 403(b) plans to be more like 401(k) plans. Does this mean employer contributions to a 403(b) custodial account can now be distributed for hardship if the plan allows?
PLANSPONSOR Roadmap: Financial Wellness
Join us March 7 for the insights needed to develop or update financial wellness programs for employees. You’ll hear from plan sponsors, advisers and other industry experts about successful financial wellness strategies, and you’ll come away with resources and checklists to guide you on your own journey of implementing important benefits. 
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