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(b)lines Ask the Experts – RMDs and Rehires

“I read an Ask the Experts column from a few years ago which stated that, if we hired someone older than 70 ½, that they would need to take required minimum distributions from plans of prior employers but not from our plan.

SURVEY SAYS: Favorite Season

I love Fall. At first, I think it was because that was back-to-school time, and I loved going back to school. But now, I think it is more for the weather and the colors.

(b)lines Ask the Experts – Re-borrowing After Repayment of a Defaulted Loan

“I work for a plan sponsor where payroll deduction and outside collateral cannot be used for loans. We have a participant who defaulted on a loan, but who later paid off the loan in its entirety. Do the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations allow for re-borrowing in this situation?”

SURVEY SAYS: ‘Gig’ Workers and Benefits

With an increase in workers taking on ‘gig’ jobs, the question is how to ensure they have the opportunity to save for retirement and are protected from high health benefit costs.

SURVEY SAYS: Co-Worker Friends

We covered a survey in which 62% of employees said having co-workers who are friends outside of the office positively affects productivity.

SURVEY SAYS: Importance of Employer Reputation

We covered a survey that found 71% of U.S. workers say they would not apply to a company experiencing negative press; however, only 6% of workers have left a company due to negative press.

(b)lines Ask the Experts – When Nondiscriminatory Compensation Under 414(s) Applies

“A Section 414(e)(e) religious organization, that does not meet the definition of church or qualified church-controlled organization QCCO under Section 3121(w)(3)(A) and (B), and elects not to be covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), sponsors a 403(b) plan with employer matching contributions.

SURVEY SAYS: Personal Activities During Work Time

We covered a survey that found employees squander an average of 56 minutes per day, or the equivalent of nearly five hours a week, using their mobile devices for non-work activities in the office.

SURVEY SAYS: News in Print

With all the ways we can get news now, newspapers are struggling to sell print editions.