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IMHO: Reform Forms

February 1, 2006 ( - This week, Congress may well turn its attention to pension reform (or it may not; there are other issues looming, not the least of which is the scramble to fill the House Majority Leader opening).

SURVEY SAYS: How Did Your Plan(s) Deal with Automatic Rollovers?

January 5, 2006 ( - Roughly a year ago, we asked readers if they were "ready for automatic rollovers" - and nearly three-quarters said they had made (or were in the process of making) the requisite changes to their plan's mandatory distribution procedures to accommodate new IRS rules regarding distributions of more than $1,000 for which distribution instructions weren't provided.

SURVEY SAYS: Does Your Plan Offer A Lifestyle Alternative?

March 25, 2004 ( - A little while back a reader asked, "Are plan sponsors jumping on the lifestyle fund parade or are they just waiting to see if they become popular or not?" This week, we asked readers to tell us about their experience with lifestyle/target/asset allocation funds.

SURVEY SAYS: What's Your Favorite Holiday Flick?

December 22, 2005 ( - Here in the Northeast, it's tempting to pose a question about the transit strike in NYC - but with luck, by the time we had the results compiled, it would be over (not to mention the fact that many of our readers probably couldn't care less).

SURVEY SAYS: What's Your Holiday Schedule?

December 15, 2005 ( - Balancing workloads around the holidays is always interesting, to say the least, and with Christmas Day falling on Sunday this year -- well, that may provide some interesting challenges as well. This week we asked readers what their holiday schedule was.

SURVEY SAYS: Do You Offer Flu Vaccinations at Your Workplace?

November 10, 2005 ( - Between last year's flu vaccine shortage and this year's bird flu pandemic angst, flu concerns have certainly gotten a lot of press. This week, we asked readers if they were sponsoring flu vaccinations in their workplace - and if they would be getting a shot.

IMHO: The Rest of the Story

November 9, 2005 ( - On Friday, the Government Accountability Office, or GAO, issued a report reflecting its analysis of cash balance plans and their impact on worker pensions. That same afternoon, the "mainstream" media published their analysis of that analysis - but seemed to be selective in the parts they chose to highlight.

IMHO: "Broken" Record

By now you have perhaps read - or at least been told about - the recent cover story in Time magazine titled "The Broken Promise." The promise - one of retirement benefits and health coverage - has been broken by employers, with the complicity of government, according to the story's authors.


September 29, 2005 ( - President Bush last week signed into law H.R. 3768, legislation that affords much greater flexibility for those impacted by Hurricane Katrina to access their retirement savings. This week we asked readers what they thought of the measure.

IMHO: The Best Test

September 8, 2005 ( - The pages of this publication frequently chronicle the impending onslaught of change and its implications for plan sponsors, and we also hope we provide readers a forward-thinking perspective on trends and opportunities, as well as threats.

IMHO: A Hallmark Holiday?

I've always had a certain ambivalence about what are generally termed "Hallmark holidays." You know the ones I'm talking about - the ones that seem crafted for the sole purpose of generating sales for greeting card sellers.

SURVEY SAYS: What Are You Doing for 401(k) Day?

August 25, 2005 ( - We are just weeks away from "401(k) Day", (September 6 this year) a day set aside to educate employees about the importance of participating in their 401(k) plans and of long-term savings for retirement. This week we asked readers if they had any activities planned, and if so, what they were.

SURVEY SAYS: What About That Democratic Pension Proposal?

July 28, 2005 ( - House Democrats certainly gave plan sponsors (and service providers) a lot to digest yesterday - employer tax credits (at least for those not currently offering these programs), some encouragement for automatic enrollment, accelerated vesting, incentives to offer financial counseling, tax refund IRAs, and a series of initiatives related to pension plans.