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SURVEY SAYS: Will the Pension Fix Work?

January 13, 2005 ( - Earlier this week the Bush Administration's proposed changes to shore up the security of the private pension system with a series of changes to funding, disclosure and premium payment structures.

SURVEY SAYS: Why is YOUR company a great place to work?

September 25, 2003 ( - Seems as though there is a burgeoning lists of best workplaces - yesterday working mother's got their list of best companies, the AARP just posted their list of better places for older workers, and of course, Fortune's got its annual list.

IMHO: Holding the Bag?

December 22, 2004 ( - This is the time of year one really wants to write about things like peace, joy, hope, and the brighter prospects for the New Year just around the corner.

SURVEY SAYS: Is it Time to Give Up on DB?

December 9, 2004 ( - Let's face it - defined benefit pension plans are expensive, introduce an unwelcome volatility to corporate financial statements, all too frequently generate negative media coverage, and generally aren't well appreciated by workers until - well, until they are closer to collecting a pension than a paycheck.

SURVEY SAYS: Should The RMD Be Required?

July 24, 2003 ( - There's a lot to like - and some that perhaps needs some closer scrutiny - in the new pension reform measure that managed to get "through" the House Ways and Means Committee last week.

SURVEY SAYS: What Would New 12b-1 Rules Mean?

February 12, 2004 ( - New legislation was introduced this week by US Senators Peter G. Fitzgerald (R- Illinois), Carl Levin (D-Michigan), and Susan Collins (R-Maine) that would attempt to reform the mutual fund industry, notably by "terminating certain questionable fund industry arrangements.

SURVEY SAYS: Civil Disobedience or Breaking the Law?

March 11, 2004 ( - While some cheered the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision on g.ay marriages - and others threatened to pursue a constitutional amendment to thwart the impact of that decision on the rest of the nation - a handful of mayors around the country (including those in states who already had laws on the books banning same s.ex marriages) decided to take matters into their own hands - and began handing out marriage licenses.

SURVEY SAYS: What Does Your Retirement Plan Cost?

September 16, 2004 ( - It's a complicated issue, but perhaps more complicated than it ought to be, and clearly a fiduciary's obligation is to consider the best interests of the plan's participants and beneficiary's, not just the package with the smallest price tag (though the two are not ALWAYS mutually exclusive).

SURVEY SAYS: What's on Tap for 401(k) Day?

September 2, 2004 ( - Believe it or not, ERISA is 30 years old today, and for several years now, the day after Labor Day has been tagged as "401(k) Day." This week we asked readers how they planned to commemorate the day.

SURVEY SAYS: When Was Your Last Appraisal?

August 5, 2004 ( - Done right, there are few more rewarding experiences than a performance appraisal. Of course, they first have to be "done" - and then done properly - in order to be effective. This week we asked readers when they last got their "real" performance appraisal.

SURVEY SAYS: Is It Time to Retire the Retirement Age?

July 29, 2004 ( - It may have snuck up on you, but if you are working today, you will likely not collect full Social Security benefits at age 65. This week we asked readers to weigh in on the advisability of changing the "normal" retirement age (at least for those currently under age 55).

SURVEY SAYS: Election Day Trick or Treating

October 31, 2002 ( - Halloween is tomorrow, but the REAL "tricks or treats" might well come out next Tuesday - Election Day. This week we asked readers if they would be given time off to vote - and if they planned to take advantage of their opportunity to vote - time off or not.

SURVEY SAYS: Hillary, Harry or Something Else?

June 19, 2003 ( - Nothing like the approach of summer - or two eagerly promoted books - to get our readers thinking about - reading. This week we asked readers their plans regarding the two hottest literary tickets - books by Senator Hillary Clinton and J. K. Rowling's new Harry Potter offering - as well as other reading plans.

SURVEY SAYS: Is Retirement Confidence Justified?

May 13, 2004 ( - Time and again one reads surveys that indicate that participants believe that saving for retirement is important, and that they are confident that they will be in good shape financially - right alongside evidence that, to me anyway, regularly suggests that their confidence is misplaced.