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SURVEY SAYS: What's Your Best/Worst Workplace Prank?

April 1, 2004 ( - Today is, of course, April Fool's Day, and this week we asked readers whether they were more likely to be the prankster or the prankstee - and asked them to share the best/worst workplace prank they have been involved with.

SURVEY SAYS: Readers On 529 'Fever'

April 25, 2002 ( - There's a lot of 'buzz' about the newly enhanced 529 college savings plans - and a growing interest on the part of plan sponsors in considering the programs.

SURVEY SAYS: Saver's Credit Status

October 24, 2002 ( - One of the more overlooked aspects of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA) was a new Saver's Credit-an income tax credit specifically designed to encourage lower-income workers to save for retirement.

SURVEY SAYS: Does Martha Deserve It?

June 12, 2003 ( - Seems like no matter where you turn these days, everyone is talking about Martha Stewart - this week we asked our readers what they thought of Martha's "predicament."

IMHO: Trading Places

November 7, 2003 ( - Over the past two months, trading improprieties have been alleged at one mutual fund company after another, and there is little sign that we have yet seen the last - or the worst - of these.

Survey Says: What About that Baseball Strike?

August 22, 2002 ( - Apparently nobody remembers the 1994 debacle because it now looks like we might actually have a baseball strike - and who knows? No World Series? But maybe that's not such a bad thing.

SURVEY SAYS: What's the Status of Your Company Match?

April 10, 2003 ( - Cutting the company match is back (still?) in the headlines again, but with jobs at stake and cost pressures looming, it seems like everything has to be "on the table." This week we asked readers to tell us what was going on with YOUR company match.

Survey Says: Readers Respond On SS Privatization

February 21, 2002 - For some, the Enron meltdown proves once and for all the inherent fallacy of privatizing Social Security. Others see the current 'investment' concentration of those funds in what amounts to a government 'IOU' as an Enron-in-waiting that could put the retirement security of many in jeopardy. Enron-izations aside, we aren't getting any younger.

And this week, we asked readers, 'Is it time to move forward with some version of privatization - or is it time to put that idea back on the shelf?'

SURVEY SAYS: How About That Dividend Tax Exemption?

January 9, 2003 ( - Critics say it isn't enough - it will take too long - and it goes to the wrong people (e.g. the so-called "rich"). Proponents note that about half of those so-called rich (the ones who collect dividends) are an important group called - senior citizens.

Survey Says: Readers Weigh in on the Andersen Verdict

June 20, 2002 ( - Some see it as a logical extension of a series of missteps - Waste Management, Sunbeam, Enron. Others as a travesty of justice. And then there are those who fully expected that tales of shredding would be the final straw, not a lawyer's memo. Still, last weekend a jury effectively shut the doors at Arthur Andersen, finding it guilty of obstruction of justice.

SURVEY SAYS: Are Cash Balance Plans A Good Idea?

August 7, 2003 ( - In the past week two potentially significant court decisions on cash balance plans were handed down by federal courts in Illinois - IBM in the US District Court of Southern Illinois, and Xerox in the Seventh Circuit of the US Court of Appeals.

SURVEY SAYS: Changing Sides

May 31, 2001 - In the wake of Senator Jeffords' decision yesterday we asked if you thought that YOUR senator should have the right to change political affiliations in accordance with his/her conscience, or should those decisions wait for an election?

SURVEY SAYS: How Much "Homework" Do You Have?

March 6, 2003 ( It used to be that the hours were long, but at least when you left work, you left work - at work. But as much as we all may love (or at least like) our jobs, the reality seems to be that it (the job) comes home with us more and more. This week we asked readers how much work they're bringing home.