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April 21st, 2017

Not-for-Profit Plan Sponsor Strategies to Meet Challenges

More than half, or 59%, of not-for-profit plan sponsors are concerned that their participants will run out of money in retirement, and 69% worry employees will delay retirement because they don’t have enough money, according to a survey by TIAA. However, the research also points to various strategies sponsors can adopt to address these concerns.Read more >

Participants Must Be ‘Nudged’ Toward Higher Savings Rates

New research by Morningstar suggests plan sponsors may benefit from increasing default savings rates, relying on opt-out auto escalation features, and stretching the employer match.Read more >
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ICI Measures Adequate Income Replacement

Research findings show Social Security benefits and retirement income from employer-sponsored retirement plans, annuities, and IRAs together provide substantial income for U.S. retirees.Read more >

Target-Date Fund Reviews a Top Priority for Plan Sponsors

Consultants responding to a PIMCO survey make recommendations for defined contribution (DC) plan investment lineups.Read more >

Women Prepare Better for the Unexpected

“Female decisionmakers are more likely to incorporate financial products that help accumulate assets to provide income for retirement, such as an annuity, into their financial plans than male decisionmakers,” a Lincoln Financial Group study found.Read more >

Older Workers Unable to Retire Cost Employers $50,000 a Year

Because many employers are unaware of the cost of having older workers unable to retire, or think they cannot calculate it, Prudential Financial has done the analysis and published its findings in the report, “Why Employers Should Care About the Cost of Delayed Retirements.”Read more >

Pre-Retirees and Retirees Getting Out of TDFs

It stands to reason that some target-date fund investors may be leaving the products and their workplace plans in order to start formally structuring retirement income, but plan sponsors have the means to stop this trend.Read more >

Nuveen Adds Direct Real Estate to TDFs

Nuveen added access to direct real estate investments to its target-date fund (TDF) series. The TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Funds will devote about 1% to 5% of asset allocations to real estate investments, which will be made through TH Real Estate.Read more >

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