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April 4th, 2017

High Court Hears Oral Arguments in Church Plan Cases

The bulk of the oral arguments focused on the definition of a church plan set forth in Section 3(33) of ERISA and whether deference should be given to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) letters granting church plan status to entities’ plans.Read more >

Boomers Running Out of Time to Save for Retirement

Nearly half of Baby Boomers say they have no retirement savings, an IRI survey found.Read more >

Taxation of Retirement Accounts Is On the Table

One ERISA industry advocate directly engaged with members of Congress says he expects more proposals to emerge from Republicans seeking to “significantly alter our retirement system,” most likely as a part of tax reform.Read more >
What Are 410(b) and 401(a)(4) Tests?
“We recently established an ERISA 403(b) plan with both a base (discretionary) and a matching contribution at a newly created tax-exempt entity at which I work. In addition to the Average Contribution Percentage (ACP) Test about which I was aware through a prior employer, our recordkeeper says we need to pass 410(b) coverage and 401(a)(4) general nondiscrimination testing. Can the Experts provide a basic explanation of these tests?”Read more >

CalSTRS Updates 403bCompare Site

The 403bCompare website serves as a helpful guide to easily compare up-to-date information across a variety of vendors, investment product options and account management fees.Read more >

Combatting the Wage Barrier with Retirement Planning

Plan sponsors and advisers play critical roles in addressing the gender pay gap and motivating women to save for retirement.Read more >

Retirement View Differs by Generation

LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute finds Millennial men have the highest expectations for their retirement lifestyle and are confident in achieving them.Read more >

Plan Health Tools Introduced to Retirement Plan Sponsor Websites

Leading homepages now provide more diverse selections of additional plan data, such as plan participation rates, average salary deferrals, number of properly diversified participants and various participant retirement readiness metrics, Corporate Insight found.Read more >

OneAmerica Updates Financial Preparedness Website

The updated website offers pertinent videos and a variety of calculators to help assess student loan debt, tax issues and retirement preparedness.Read more >

Empower and Optum Partner to Integrate Retirement and Health Savings

The Empower Health Savings Account will provide plan participants access to a financial-planning solution that integrates retirement savings with health care savings, helping them prepare for health care expenses in retirement.Read more >

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