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August 24th, 2018

Duke University Charged in Second 403(b) Plan Lawsuit

While the first lawsuit focused on excessive recordkeeping, administrative and investment fees, the new lawsuit focuses specifically on the university’s practices with regard to revenue sharing.Read more >

Why Is It Recommended to Save 15%?

Most retirement experts currently recommend saving 15% of annual income. “There is mathematical backing to what we suggest,” says Roger Young, senior financial planner at T. Rowe Price.Read more >
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Litigators Not the Only Ones Looking Into Retirement Plan Investments and Fees

The Department of Labor’s (DOL)’s Employee Benefit Security Administration’s (EBSA)’s Plan Investment Conflicts (PIC) project have reviewed conflicts of interest of fiduciary service providers and investment managers of plan asset vehicles that led to conflicted decision making processes, imprudent application of investment guidelines and the payment of excessive fees.Read more >

Missing Retirement Plan Participants Fare Better Than Those Who Cash Out

Despite intense Department of Labor (DOL) activity surrounding missing retirement plan participants, at least those participants’ retirement savings are preserved, say executives at Retirement Clearinghouse. And, focusing on a solution to retirement plan cashouts may actually help plan sponsors find missing participants.Read more >

Interest Rates’ Effects on Fixed Income Vehicles

An Insights article from Cammack Retirement notes how different fixed income vehicles perform under a rising interest rate environment and suggests DC plan sponsors offer a diverse menu of options for participants.Read more >

Break From the Grind: To Those Entering College the Detachable Mouse Is Almost Extinct

For those entering college this year, human beings have always been living—not just traveling—in space. The United States has always had troops in Afghanistan. Same-gender marriage has always been legal somewhere, and the once revolutionary “You’ve got mail” announcement from AOL is almost forgotten, according to the 21st Annual Mindset List from Beloit College.Read more >

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