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December 14th, 2018

4% Rule Not a Reliable Retirement Income Withdrawal Strategy for All People

A retiree’s investment portfolio is a large factor in determining an optimal, safe withdrawal rate in retirement, but longevity, expected spending and whether guaranteed retirement income is available plays a part as well.Read more >

Financial Professionals Improve Retirement Results for K-12 Educators

The median account balance for K-12 educators surveyed who work with a financial professional is $40,000 versus $21,000 for those who do not work with a financial professional, and 88% are confident in having a plan for retirement in place.Read more >

Repositioning HSAs As Retirement Savings Vehicles

A report from Cerulli Associates suggests that pairing health savings account (HSA) and defined contribution (DC) plan communication and administration and modernizing HSA investment menus can help to position HSAs as retirement savings vehicles.Read more >
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Employers Struggling to Understand Retirement Patterns of Employees

Willis Towers Watson published a white paper exploring employer’s lack of confidence when it comes to tracking their employees’ plans for when and how to retire. “Employers are concerned both about increasing retirements and the resulting loss of seasoned employees’ skill and experience, as well as rising numbers of delayed departures leading to higher salary and benefit costs,” the paper says. Accordingly, Willis Towers Watson finds firms are taking a new look at retirement patterns, developing new strategies for balancing the supply and demand of older workers’ talent, and integrating their workplace programs for physical, social and financial well-being.Read more >

ESG Access Among Active Management Opportunities in 2019

Asked about what Putnam has seen develop this year in terms of environmental, social and governance investing programs, and about how “ESG” fits into the discussion of active and passive management, Reynolds had a lot to say. “For us, the ESG topic is about performance,” Reynolds said. “When we look at funds that do better on ESG factors, in our proprietary research, we can demonstrate that they have out-performed over time relative to peers that do less well on ESG factors. This doesn’t drive every buy or sell decision, but it’s certainly part of it.” He adds: “We are seeing a lot of interest from our clients on this topic, so I think these funds will be a more and more important part of the landscape.”Read more >

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